Reviewed 10.23.18

Admissions to UC San Diego

Computer science is one of the fastest growing, recession-proof professions in the country. Computer science is embedded in almost every aspect of daily life. Computer science is also about using technology to solve society's problems in fields such as the environment, medicine, robotics and social services.

Students who are interested in pursuing a major within the Department of Computer Science and Engineering must first be admitted to the University of California, San Diego.  Prospective students who are interested in applying to UC San Diego should visit the UC San Diego Admissions website to review eligibility and admission requirements.  The Computer Science and Engineering Department is not involved in the UC San Diego admissions process.  All questions related to university admission should be directed to UC San Diego Admissions.

Admissions to CSE - Capped Major

In recent years, there has been a high demand for CSE's majors.  Since a quality education and timely progress to graduation are thwarted by a disproportionately large student body, CSE has made the difficult decision to implement Capped Major status. Capped Major status means there is a cap on the number of students admitted to the major.  Students who were admitted to UC San Diego, but not directly into a CSE major will need to apply competitively after enrolling at UC San Diego and completing eligibility criteria courses.  Please read full information on our Capped Major webpage.   

UC San Diego College System

UC San Diego undergraduate students are admitted into one of six unique colleges.   To graduate, students must fulfill requirements for the major as well as general education requirements.   The requirements for the CSE majors (or any other major) are always the same, but the general education requirements will vary by college.   There are CSE majors in each of the colleges, and the choice of college should be based on the student's academic interests outside of the major.

Take a Tour of UCSD

We recommend you visit UC San Diego, and sign up to attend a "Campus Tour for Prospective Students."  You can also attend available courses starting Spring 2015.


Resources for Prospective CSE Majors

In addition to the many resource pages provided throughout the UC San Diego Admissions website, prospective CSE students will want to review the information below as part of their decision on whether to apply to UC San Diego and the CSE major.