The Students Have Spoken

Jun 14, 2019
The Students Have Spoken

Rick Ord has earned a lot of admiration from his students. Here are just a few examples.

Early in my years here, I got lucky, and I decided that I wanted to tutor, and Rick was one of the professors that selected me. I started tutoring for him, and one of the professors that is now also retired, and ended up sticking with Rick and staying for a little over two years. It helped me understand all of the material I was working on, as well as how other people could have trouble with the material, which made me a lot better at my job.

Jason Sandoval, CSE Alum

Sometimes, he would go on trips, and he would always remember to bring little gifts to every one of his tutors. One quarter, we had 50 or 60 tutors, and he would bring a little gift to every one of them. I loved it because he really cares about his tutors, and that’s just one thing. It’s small, but it’s really important.

Annie Xiao, CSE Alum

He was an amazing instructor, not only in the classroom but also in providing a community and making everyone feel like they belong within the department. Especially for someone that’s a woman in computing, who didn’t take computer science in high school and didn’t know what it was. So, to take CSE 30 and write an assembly and actually understand what the computer was doing, while also feeling like you belong, that was just eye-opening for me.

Sarah Guthals, CSE Alum

He’s really been committed to helping people out, and you can see that if you walk into his office. A lot of the times, he’s making sure the program assignments work, working on getting those exams, checking in with certain students to make sure they’re doing okay, providing them with notes if they come into his office. He’s always really helpful and resourceful. The thing that I really admire about him is that if you ever go to him with a question, you know you’re going to get a response. It’s just so much knowledge, you can gain a lot just by being around him.

Rahul Sabnis, Fourth Year Undergraduate

The tutoring experience is like his class, it’s really organized, and it’s really comfortable being there. Even though you are first time being a tutor, you know where to go if you have questions, and there’s a standardized grading thing for you. You always know what to do, and you’re never lost. I wish I could be as organized when I actually go into the industry. I learn stuff, and I ask him questions, and he answers, and I feel really enlightened by his answers.

Shujiang Zhang, Second Year Undergraduate