Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute Welcomes New Partnership with Viasat

Jun 26, 2019

A new partnership was announced today aiming to strengthen data science educational resources delivered through the Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute (HDSI), the data science hub at the University of California San Diego, as the year-old Institute welcomed the global communications company Viasat Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT) as one of its first Founding Industry Partners.

“This partnership will mean unique resources and knowledge accessible to our students and faculty, and we look forward to what we can accomplish working together in meaningful ways with a technology leader,” said HDSI Director Rajesh Guptaa distinguished professor of Computer Science and Engineering. An added benefit, he notes, is the potential inspiration to students by partnering with a major company founded and led by UC San Diego alumni, including two of the Company’s co-founders Steve Hart (’80) and Mark Miller (’81).

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