Daniele Micciancio Named 2019 International Association for Cryptologic Research Fellow

May 29, 2019
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UC San Diego Department of Computer Science and Engineering Professor Daniele Micciancio has been named a 2019 International Association for Cryptologic Research Fellow, for his pioneering work on lattice-based cryptography and for service to the IACR.  


Lattice-based cryptography focuses on encrypting and decrypting data based on the solutions to complex mathematical problems in lattices, which are sets of points in space with a periodic structure. The difficulty of these problems may make lattice-based cryptography secure against quantum computing.

“Lattices also allow the design of advanced cryptography applications, like fully homomorphic encryption, which are encryption schemes that allow us to perform arbitrary computations on encrypted data,” said Micciancio.

He will receive his fellowship at the IACR flagship conference Eurocrypt 2019 in Darmstadt, Germany, where he will deliver the plenary talk “Fully Homomorphic Encryption from the Ground Up.” Nicholas Genise, Micciancio’s Ph.D. student, will present a paper on work done in collaboration with Micciancio and New Jersey Institute of Technology Associate Research Professor Yuriy Polyakov.

Micciancio is also program co-chair of IACR’s CRYPTO 2019 conference, taking place this August in Santa Barbara, California, with former UC San Diego Ph.D. student Alexandra (Sasha) Boldyreva.

Previous IACR fellows include Mihir Bellare, the S. Gill Williamson Chancellor’s Endowed Chair in Computer Science at UC San Diego, who received the award in 2012.