DEI Committee Office Hours

All community members are invited to meet with our CSE DEI Committee members to discuss how to improve the diversity, equity and inclusion of teaching, research, and service.

If you would like to connect with any of our committee members, feel free to email them or stop by their office hours. Office Hours are always available by zoom, and in-person hours are also available with members as-listed below. Zoom links and/or office locations are included in the calendar event details.


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The DEI Committee wants to hear from you!  Please use the form linked above to anonymously submit feedback about your experience in the CSE department.


Committee Member Areas of Specialty / Interests

Niha Bhaskar

Graduate Student

 - Undergrad and Graduate Experience in CSE

 - Internships, Tutoring, Student Orgs

 - How to get involved with Undergraduate Research

 - Planning Campus DEI Events

Lovella Cacho


 - Campus EDI

 - Collective Impact Committee on Mentoring, Advising, and Coaching

 - Undergrad interdisciplinary research opportunities

 - General administration

Kathy Chen

Undergraduate Student

 - Undergrad Experience in CSE

 - CSE ERSP (Undergraduate Research)

 - Campus DEI Events

Chris Dambrosia

Graduate Student

 - Graduate Student Concerns: Mentorship, Research Opportunities, Job Search, Community Building

Sophia Krause-Levy

Graduate Student

 - Applying to Graduate School

 - Getting Involved in Research; Computing Education Research

 - Diversity in STEM

Patrick Mallon


 - How to Get Involved

 - How to Use Campus Resources

Ndapa Nakashole


 - Minority Students

 - AI & NLP

 - Any Topic :)

Pat Pannuto

(Committee Chair)


 - BPC Plan / Broader Impact Statement Support

 - CSE Building / Physical Environment

 - Biking, Public Transit, and other non-Vehicle Issues

 - Catch-All Person for Any Topic

George Porter


 - BPC Plan / Broader Impact Statement Support

 - PhD DEI funding

Audria Saravia-Montalvo


 - Bioinformatics

 - CSE-PACE program

 - Campus DEI Events