Requesting a Temporary Employee

UCSD's Temporary Employment Service (TES) provides clerical, administrative, and technical temporary employees (floaters) to UCSD departments during interim periods.  These employees fill short-term needs and float from department to department. TES assists UCSD departments during interim periods of recruiting, vacations, medical absences, and special projects. Temporary employees (floaters) have completed a thorough screening process, including reference checks, computer skills assessment, and interviews with placement coordinators. The recruitment process is waived when a department uses TES.

If you wish to request a floater, notify the department's Human Resources Coordinator and indicate the type of employee you are looking for, and the time period for which you will need them. They will contact TES and make the arrangements. You will need to provide and index number from which the employee will be paid. Please note, TES charges an administrative surcharge for their services - you should plan on the total cost of the employee to be 25% to 50% above of their base salary cost.

You may also request a temporary employee from an external service? Departments placing an order for external temporary employee services need to provide an index number and buyer code to TES. A placement coordinator will telephone the request to a contracted outside agency and follow up with the agency for status information, relaying the information back to the requesting department. Once a temporary employee is designated for assignment, TES will ensure that the individual has been thoroughly screened, is qualified for the position, and that "good faith" Affirmative Action efforts have been made. Once again, contact the CSE Human Resources Coordinator for assistance.

For additional information, see UCSD - Requesting a Temporary Employee.