Department Equipment Match Policy

Under the Jacobs School equipment matching policy, CSE handles certain types equipment matches. Research Faculty and ladder-track faculty are eligible for a match. Adjunct may also be eligible but must discuss their situation with the Grants committee.

If your equipment budget is in excess of $600,000, or you seek a match in excess of $60,000, then you should follow the existing Jacobs School procedure for obtaining equipment matches through the Dean's office.

If your equipment budget is below $600,000, or you seek a match that is less than $60,000, then the CSE Department will attempt to provide a match. Normally, the Department will automatically match 10% of an equipment budget up to the $60,000 limit. To reduce bookkeeping overheads in administering the matching funds program, equipment budgets under $15,000 will not normally qualify for a match.

It is the PI's responsibility to request a match and to document any justification. Such documentation must be provided to CSE's Contracts and Grants Office, and may come in the form of a passage from a Call for Proposals (CFP), or a written request from a funding agency contact.

In some cases the match requirement may not appear in the CFP, and in such cases the request for a match must be clearly documented. A FAX or email is OK. Be sure and include the name and email address of the funding agency contact.

The Grants Committee will take into account various eligibility criteria including but not limited to: the number of pending or recently awarded matches, the size of the requested match, appropriateness of the match, availability of funds.

In cases where a match of greater than 10% is required, or if the match [in dollars] (plus any others awarded during the fiscal year) would exceed 1/3 the total equipment matching budget established by the Department, then the match will not be automatic; the Grants Committee will attempt to provide the requested match subject to fairness and budget considerations.

If the agency reduces the amount awarded, but the amount of the reduction is less than 25%, then there will be no reduction in the match. If there is greater than a 25% reduction, then the match will be pro-rated accordingly.

The CSE matching equipment program may be temporarily curtailed due to lack of funds. However, the Department will honor its previous commitments by borrowing against a succeeding year's allotment if necessary. In consultation with the faculty, the Grants committee may elect to concentrate matching funds into a smaller number of grants (in the extreme case, one grant, e.g. an infrastructure grant). In these cases, funds will be temporary unavailable to routine grants.

Note: The Dean's office will automatically match 50% of any amount above $30K that the CSE Dept. provides from its match allocation. When a 50% match above $30K is requested, the Dept must prepare a matching funds attachment to the RES, which must clearly show the Dept's match and the Dean's office match.