All University safety rules (and common sense) must be followed in regards to installation of the racks and personal safety while in the room. All racks must be grounded to the room grounding system. Rack must be powered only with approved Power Distribution Units and appropriate electrical cords. Users should work only with their own equipment in the room and must not touch any other equipment

Any computer with an audible alarm sounding must be fixed in a timely manner. Or, at a minimum, the alarm must be silenced. CSE Computing Support will notify server owners when such an alarm is noticed. If no action is taken within a week of notification, the server is subject to being turned off or expelled from the machine room (whether it is in a shared or privately owned rack). If some action is being taken (such as waiting for ordered parts to arrive), that is acceptable to extend the one week deadline if the alarm cannot be silenced.

Shared-use resources (such as the console “crash carts”) will be available for use by machine room users, but must be returned to their places when work is complete.

Failure to abide by the rules laid out in this document may result in a user's access to the machine room to be revoked.