CSE Colloquium Lecture: Vania Joloboff

CSE Colloquium Lecture

Virtual Prototyping for Cyber-Physical Systems

This instalment of the CSE Colloquium Lecture Series in Fall 2016 will present Vania Joloboff, a leading researcher at France’s INRIA and former European Director of the Sino-European Laboratory of Informatics and Control in China. His lecture will focus on “Virtual Prototyping for Cyber-Physical Systems.”

VaniaJoloboff200.jpgDate: November 15
Time: 11:00am - Noon
Location: Room 1202, CSE Building

Host: CSE Prof. Rajesh Gupta

Abstract: Virtual Prototyping is the technology that makes it possible to develop a virtual prototype of a (cyber physical) system under design and explore the system design space, including hardware and software. The real application software can be run over the virtual prototype platform and outputs the same results as the real system, although with different timings, the core of a virtual prototyping platform is a simulation engine that emulates the hardware behavior by running simulation models. As the goal is to ultimately prove that the system meets the requirements, a virtual prototyping platform has better be associated with formal methods tools to establish such proofs.

In this talk, I will introduce the techniques used in general in virtual prototyping, to make it fast or accurate, or both, which is a challenge; and in particular in the SimSoC framework that we have developed, available from INRIA software portal https://gforge.inria.fr/projects/simsoc/. I will describe the research results we have achieved in the past few years, our connections with formal methods, and the research directions for which we are seeking collaborative research.

Bio:  Vania Joloboff is the former European Director of LIAMA, the Sino-European Laboratory of Informatics and Control in China. Prior to joining LIAMA, Dr. Joloboff was for 7 years Chief Technology Officer at Silicomp Group, a French medium size company (1200 employees) with international market, specialized in embedded systems design and emerging technologies, leading company innovation. Formerly, Vania Joloboff has been Technical Director at the Open Software Foundation Research Institute, heading development of the Embedded Java technology and the OSF Motif technology. Prior to joining OSF, he founded and directed the Bull Research Center at Sophia-Antipolis.

Dr. Joloboff received a doctorate degree from the University of Grenoble in France. He has been associate Professor at University of Grenoble, invited scientist at Chinese Academy of Science and Shanghai East China Normal University. Dr Joloboff has been Chairman of the J-Consortium in 2003 and 2004, member of the Board of the STIP Consortium, member of the X Consortium Technical Board from 1988 to 1995, where he contributed to the X Window standard specification. The TurboJ software produced under his management won the JAVA Pro’s Best Embedded Java Product Award in 2000. Dr Joloboff contributed to several international standards including ECMA 101, IEEE 1295 and ISO 20970.