Chair's Message

         Dean Tullsen, CSE Chair & Professor

Welcome to our family webpage! CSE family unit of students, faculty and staff is 1K strong: a family unit of 1 grad student, 2 undergraduate students, and about 1/6 of a faculty member supported by 1/12 of a staff member, scaled about 300X times. At a research support over $20M per year, this unit is at the forefront of core and emerging areas of computer science and computer engineering, both of these programs are now ranked among top fifteen in the nation. The list of recognitions that this group of researchers and research-driven in-class instruction receives is simply too long to recount here. We take pleasure in producing students – inspired and engaged – to push the state of the art in knowledge and practice of computing in institutions ranging from leading companies – from Amazon, CISCO, IBM to Microsoft and Yahoo – and nation’s leading research universities from Columbia, Duke, Georgia Tech, Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) to Northwestern, Texas (Austin), Wisconsin to our own University of California system.

We are proud to be part of a top-ranked engineering school, the Irwin and Joan Jacobs School of Engineering is the largest engineering school in the UC system and among top six in the nation for the size of its research program. Our awards page lists much that we are proud of even as the page is constantly out of date keeping up with our faculty and students who routinely outperform our own monotonically rising bar of academic standards; and the constant stream of “CNN moments” that make the front-page of our webpage.

Of all things, as a chair I am most proud of the ecosystem of academic department and research institutes that surrounds our students and faculty: Center for Networked Systems (CNS), Center for Wireless Communications (CWC), San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC), California Institutes of Telecommunications and Information Technology (Cal-IT2). Together they provide a unique and compelling environment for our researchers to work together, in conducting research on projects that scale and provide ample opportunities for our talent to imagine, find and build the future for computing and society.

Welcome to our web spaces! And if you haven’t already, please plan to visit us in person to see for yourself the confluence of bright minds in a beautiful climate for academic pursuits and exciting research projects!