Newly Admitted Students

Updated 5.11.2017

Have you submitted your Statement of Intent to Register? As a student pursuing one of the four majors in the CSE Department, the following information will help you prepare for your first quarter registration, and beyond, at UC San Diego.  

Students should carefully review all major information posted in the New Student Site before contacting a CSE Advisor.

Email Contact

The Jacobs School of Engineering maintains electronic mailing lists that we use when we need to notify you of course changes, major requirement changes, announcement of important forums, and even job notices, therefore check your UCSD.EDU email account regularly.

Degree Program Requirements

Review your major requirements and long term plans.   Pease review CSE Course Placement Advice, to select your first programming course.  CSE expects incoming transfer students to complete the highest level of programming at their previous institution.


If you have any problems during enrollment, please use "Online Advising" via the New Student Site.  Helpful tools include your Degree Audit to track your academic progress, and the online WebReg Tutorial.  Use the Schedule of Classes on TritonLink to build your Fall schedule using the Class Pre-Planner.

Transfer Students: Academic History and Transfer Course Credit

Check your Academic History on TritonLink to confirm all completed UC transferrable courses have posted.

  • If you took a course at your previous institution, and it does not appear on your Academic History, please contact the UC San Diego Admissions Office for correction.
  • Evaluate your major-related transfer courses taken at a California Community College. Check to review course articulations and be sure to review the agreement for the academic year in which you took the course.  If you find any transfer credit discrepancies, please use "Online Advising" via the New Student Site.
  • Evaluate your major-related courses taken at a 4-year, out-of-state, or private institution.  Once the coursework has posted to your UC San Diego Academic History, please read the instructions in red listed on the New Student Site.  You will need to begin the course equivalency petition process as soon as possible, as this can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

Prospective CSE Majors

If you were admitted to UC San Diego, but you were not directly admitted to a CSE major, please carefully review the CSE  Capped Major webpage to learn how and when to apply for a CSE major.

Additional Resources