Academic Senate - Travel to Scholarly Meetings

Since the Subcommittee's travel budget over the past recent years has only been able to support approximately one-third of the general campus faculty requests, it is imperative that if other sources of funding are available for travel expenses, those sources be utilized first. Awards for travel to national and international conferences or symposia are made to Academic Senate members who are presenting papers on their research or who are organizing and presiding over one or more sessions in the meeting. Awards may be made for the purpose of presenting works of art or creative expression at important public events, e.g., festivals, but only for the initial presentation thereof.

Preference is given to presentation of papers/works of art in well-established conferences, symposia, or festivals with fairly substantial attendance (e.g. those sponsored by professional societies/associations). Invitations to present a paper in a departmental symposium or in a locally organized workshop/conference with a fairly small attendance cannot be supported. Only the presenting author or session organizer/presider may apply for a travel award. Only one trip per fiscal year for any Senate member will be awarded. There is no limit to the number of travel awards faculty may receive over a period of years.

Since the Subcommittee does not have a database with information on every potential scholarly meeting, it is the responsibility of the applicant to provide the following:

  • A letter of invitation to present a paper, if available, or a letter of acceptance of submitted paper.
  • The nature of the meeting (national/international), the sponsoring professional society/association, the organizing entity, and the scope of the meeting.
  • In lieu of the information above, the applicant could submit a copy of the official call letter of the meeting or a copy of the program from which the information can be extracted.


Domestic awards are made for the lowest published air coach fare. Ceilings are $500 for the Eastern/Atlantic time zone, $350 for the Central time zone (including the states of Washington, Oregon, Hawaii & Alaska) and $250 for the Mountain/Pacific time zones. Travel to Mexico and Canada are awarded under domestic travel policies.

Foreign travel will be supported at 75% of the lowest published fare or of the actual fare, whichever is lower. Awards will not exceed $1000.00. No service fees will be paid; therefore, applicant may use any means to book travel. Airfares are only valid on the lowest fare and no payment will be made on first class or business class tickets. Written quotation/itinerary from travel agency, airline, or internet is required for foreign travel. These funds are not restricted to the use of U.S. carriers.

Use of Funds

Cost of side trips unrelated to the conference funded will be deducted. Where airfare is covered by other sources, lodging and conference fees will be reimbursed, with receipts, up to the limits above. Canceled trips must be reported promptly to allow for redistribution of funds. Policy and Procedure Manual References: Travel: 365-1 through 365-7 & 365-12.

For information on current solicitations, deadlines, and applications procedures, see Academic Senate Travel to Scholarly Meetings.