CSE Instructions to Ad Hoc Committee

Dear Professors:

I am writing to inform you about your upcoming duties regarding the Academic Review of XX1. Please see the list of items below that will assist you in completing your part of the Academic Review process.

General Information

  • We have asked for file updates to be submitted from the candidate to the department Academic Personnel office by, MMDDYY.
  • General instructions provided to candidates
  • A copy of the file with the updates and additional information will be available for your use on, MMDDYY.
  • Information about University policy regarding the type of action being proposed can be found on the academic appointment and review page.

Ad-hoc Committee Duties

  • Review the file and materials. Review the file for potential for acceleration.
  • Ad-hoc Committee Chair: Meet with the candidate.
  • Obtain three names for letter writers from the candidate in case of promotions and one name in case of acceleration.
  • Prepare 5-7 names for letter writers. These are in addition to the three names to be suggested by candidate. In case of acceleration, we need only a total of 3 letters, two from the ad hoc committee and one from the candidate.
  • Make an appointment with the Department Chair (before MMDDYY) to discuss the case including acceleration potential and names of letter writers. The list of letter-writers to be finalized in this meeting.
  • Monitor the progress of incoming reference letters and maintain contact with candidate regarding any new developments.
  • The ad hoc committee letter will be a foundation for the Department Chair letter. The Department Chair strongly prefers a letter that provides a detailed assessment of research and other accomplishments. Letter should explain the research, its context, and its significance. The Department Chair plans to use portions of the ad-hoc letter in the Chair letter.
  • The committee's letter is due to the Department Chair by: DATE HERE.
  • Faculty meeting to consider this case will be: DATE HERE. The ad hoc committee is expected to take the lead in the presentation.

If you have any questions please contact April, Chet or the Department Chair.

Thank you