Summer 2018 Course Updates

Updated 7.10.2018

We open the maximum number of seats based upon size of wait list, availability of instructors/TAs/Tutors, room size, scalability of the course, etc. We cannot predict exactly when and if all these variables will come together, but we WILL open seats just as soon as we can.  We anticipate knowing about TA/tutor availability by June 22, 2018. 

Announcements about opening seats are put on this page and sometimes also sent to @ucsd email. 

FOR ALL CLASSES - Please read each bullet point carefully to assure your best success at enrolling!

Late Add Policy

  • The CSE department does not allow students to late add courses. If a student is not enrolled in enough units by the start of quarters, the student should contact their department advisor.
  • If you are on the waitlist for a course, you are expected to attend class and complete assignments. If students choose not to attend class or to not turn in assignments on due dates, the student will receive a "0" on all missed assignments/quizzes/etc. No exceptions are made.


Wait List Policy

  • CSE will use first-come, first-served order of the wait lists. There is no priority for CSE/EC26 majors in Summer 2018 courses. 
  • In general, undergraduates have priority to add undergraduate courses; graduate students have priority to add graduate courses.
  • Priority is not given to:
    1. Students who postpone taking a course hoping for a particular instructor in a future quarter.
    2. Students who do not use their enrollment times properly.
    3. Students who failed the course in a previous quarter.
  • Prerequisites are enforced for ALL classes.
  • For course clearances, please use the form Course Pre-Auth. Request .
  • Sorry, no swaps. CSE courses are too full to allow "swaps". Be sure to enroll or wait list in the section time you will attend and whose final exam you can attend.
  • CSE does not use add/drop cards-please do not contact faculty for enrollment approval.
  • We do not release names of instructors until their appointments are official with the University.
  • If you need to petition a course for transfer credit, please use our ONLINE PETITION to do so.
  • If a student is waitlisted for a course in summer and enrolled in the same course for Fall, the system will drop you from the summer session waitlist if a seat becomes available because it recognizes you are already enrolled in the course. We will not clear students to add to the course in this situations as the system moves on and automatically adds the next eligible student on the waitlist. 


Non-CSE Courses

  • Each department handles course clearances for their own courses. Please contact the respective department for course clearance to ECE, COGS, MGT, etc.


Undergraduate Courses

Graduate students who wish to add undergrad courses should read "Graduate Courses" section below.


Course Number


Instructor for Summer Expected Total of Seats (Number of seats are not definitive. We may adjust accordingly as required by room size, TA/tutor availability, etc.)

Enrollment and Other Notes


  Summer Session #1 Summer Session #2  


Introduction to Programming I Marx Cancelled 15 seats

All seats released for enrollment


Introduction to Programming with Matlab Anjum Gupta Not offered 10 seats/lab

All seats released for enrollment.

CSE 11

Introduction to Computer Science and Object-Oriented Programming: Java Marx Cancelled 20 seats

All seats released for enrollment

CSE 21

Mathematics for Algorithms and Systems Braun Not offered

40 seats

All seats released for enrollment 

CSE 30 Computer Organization and Systems Programming Cao Not offered 40 seats

5.15.2018 Update: All seats released for enrollment. We do not anticipate releasing any additional seats or adding additional sections. 

CSE 100

Advanced Data Structures Cao Not offered 40 seats

5.15.2018 Update: All seats released for enrollment. We do not anticipate releasing any additional seats or adding additional sections.

CSE 101

Design and Analysis of Algorithms Braun Not offered 40 seats All seats released for enrollment. 

CSE 134B

Web Client Languages Powell 95 seats Not offered

All seats released for enrollment.  

CSE 140

Component & Design Tech / Digital Sys Eldon 75 seats Not offered

All seats released for enrollment. 

CSE 140L

Digital Systems Laboratory Eldon Not offered 75 seats

Students who have successfully completed CSE 140 will be cleared in waitlist order. Students who do not have CSE 140 credit will not be cleared to enroll. 

1st clearances for eligible students sent on 4.19.2018

2nd  clearances for eligible students sent on 6.19.18

CSE 190

Topics in Computer Science and Engineering



A00: 40 seats 


A00: 40 seats

B00: 40 seats

Please see CSE 190 webpage for enrollment instructions and course prerequisites

Graduate students:

  • Undergraduate CSE courses: Please submit a Course Pre-Auth. Request. Prerequisite clearances and approvals to add will be handled in first week of classes based on if there is seat availability after undergraduates enroll.