Researchers and Visitors Appointments

All personnel issues for Researchers and Visitors are handled by the department's Academic Personnel Coordinator.


Researchers include individuals with such titles as Project Scientist, Research Scientist and Postgraduate Researcher. Appointments are processed through UCSD's Research Affairs. Documentation requirements and appointment processes vary according to the title requested. Effective July 1, 2003, UCSD instituted New Policies and Guidelines for Postdoctoral Scholars. A one-page summary (PDF) of major policy features and implementation stages is available on the UCSD OGSR (Office of Graduate Studies and Research) web site.


Visitors fall under two categories, those with official UCSD appointments and those without. Visiting Scholars are senior scholars and distinguished visitors who wish to pursue collaborative research or advanced study at UCSD. They are supported from sources outside the University (non-salary), and may not hold any other appointment or be employed by UCSD. These appointments are also processed through OGSR. If a visitor does not qualify for (or does not wish to have) an official UCSD appointment as a Visiting Scholar, they are processed solely through the CSE Department. Examples of this type of visitor would include (non academic) visitors from industry, international visitors or other short-term visitors. If you are unsure whether or not your visitor qualifies for an official appointment please contact CSE's Academic Personnel Coordinator.

Sponsoring a Researcher of Visitor

CSE faculty wishing to sponsor a researcher or visitor should consult departmental polices and procedures related to this issue: