Departmental Allocations to Faculty/Lecturers

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering provides an annual allocation of $800 to each faculty member for miscellaneous expenses. (Full-time lecturers receive $400 per year and other contract lecturers receive prorated allocations). These funds are meant to provide a small source of funds to support day-to-day office needs and should be used for such items as long-distance telephone, office supplies and graphics (non-instructional/non-research). Because of the source of these funds, they cannot be used to support research efforts. The department allocations cannot be rolled over from year to year and faculty are discouraged from spending down the funds at the end of the fiscal year simply because there is a balance remaining. CSE receives no additional funds for this purpose as the department grows, and as we add faculty this resource is stretched thinner and thinner. The department appreciates your using these funds judiciously, keeping in mind their intended purpose.