No-Cost Extensions for FDP Grants

Grants which are subject to the Federal Demonstration Project (FDP) General Terms and Conditions allow the University of California, San Diego to approve locally up to a one year no cost extension. Below are some suggestions on completing the: Federal Demonstration Project Action Form.

Instructions for Completing Sections 1-7


Self Explanatory

5. Budget period affected (dates)

This is the full period of the award.

e.g. 3 year project period: 2/1/93 to 1/31/96

6. Approval is requested for the following action(s)

No cost extension (up to 12 months) - Specify number of months and end date requested

e.g. 12 months through 1/31/97

7a. Justification (include the scientific rationale for the change)

Not because you have funds available! The main purpose of a no cose extension is to have time beyond the established expiration date to assure completion fo the original approved project scope or objectives.

e.g. I am requesting a 12 months no cost extension through 1/31/97:

  1. In order to complete the work within the original scope
  2. To provide continuity of grant support while a competing application is under review or permit an orderly phaseout of a project that will not receive continued support.

Be specific (scientific rationale) and briefly describe the work to be completed.

7b. Explanation of why the funds are available, as applicable

e.g. There will be approximately $______ available at the end of the project. State why the funds are available. We began the work later than expected because _____.

7c. Breakdown of the costs involved

e.g. We will be show a breakdown of funds and how they will be expended providing salary for ______, $_______, Salary and Employee Benefits.