Non-CSE Students Taking CSE Classes

Regular UCSD students

Regular UCSD students from other departments should be set up the same way as CSE students.  Both undergraduate and graduate students from other departments should see computing support for undergraduate students for information about the resources available to you.

Extension students, concurrent enrollment students and summer only students

If you are a student who is not a regular UCSD student, you are not set up in the campus computer systems in quite the same way as regular UCSD students.  Your information does not show up on the standard class lists and accounts for you are not automatically created in many cases.

If your class is using ACMS resources (labs, TritonEd, etc.), ACMS will create an Active Directory account for you to use while on campus.  If your class does not use any ACMS resources, but does use CSE department resources (such as Moodle or specialized labs), your instructor will need to request an account be created for you.  The CSE computing support group (CSEHelp) will create the account for you.  Please touch base with your instructor at the beginning of the quarter to ensure that your computing resources get set up (don't wait until just before your final assignment is due).