Personal Web Space

All members of the CSE department have a small amount of personal web space.  This space can be used to set up a personal page to provide information about yourself and your research.

Setting up personal web space content

To set up your personal web space, you must log into the School of Engineering login server ( via SSH. You should have received your credentials via email at your account by the beginning of the quarter.

Once logged in, the files for your web page can be put in the directory public_html within your home directory. At a minimum, you should set up an index.html file.

In addition to using SSH to set up files for your personal web site, you can also use SFTP. You may not use standard FTP to put files on your personal web space (campus network policy does not allow for the use of protocols that send passwords in plain text over the network).

Please note that you must set the permissions on your home and public_html directories so that they are "executable" by others and the files underneath public_html must have "other" read permissions so that the web server can access your files.

Accessing personal web space from the Internet

Once you have uploaded your contents, you can access your web space from the Internet are via the following URL:

Programming in your personal web space

You may write small PHP programs and place them on your personal web site. The PHP programming environment is very limited. Only PHP 4 is available. Database services are not available for your PHP programs. If you need to do advanced application development, you should do this on research servers provided by your research group.