PhD Student Offices

As a new PhD student in the CSE department, you will be assigned an office by our student affairs group. Offices are assigned in a variety of ways. Some offices have students who are all in the same research group. Some offices are completely opposite and have people from different research groups to foster cross-specialty interaction.

Once you have been assigned an office, you will need to pick up a key and have your ID card programmed to open the outside doors and common doors.  See the Keys/ID cards page for details.

When you arrive in your office, you will need to identify your desk. In general, you will select an unused desk within the office and that will be your desk.  However, it's best to talk to your new lab mates to determine how things work within your office.

Once you have a desk, the next thing you need is a workstation. You may find a workstation at the desk you select.  In most cases, you can just use that workstation.  You might want to check with your lab mates to confirm that the workstation on your desk is actually available.  If you are affiliated with a faculty adviser, your faculty adviser will provide you with a workstation if one isn't present on your desk.  If you are not affiliated with a faculty adviser and you have no workstation, contact Julie Conner in student affairs to arrange for a workstation.

Many students are most comfortable using their own notebook computer.  That is a perfectly acceptable solution as well.

If you are using an existing workstation, you may want to install a fresh operating system on it.  You may download install media for your operating system of choice from the Internet or contact CSEHelp if you need Microsoft Windows (or, see the software page for details on obtaining Microsoft Windows).

If your computer needs to connect to the building wired network, see the wired network page for information on connecting the computer to the building network.

If you are connecting to the wireless network, see the wireless network page for details on connecting to the campus protected wireless network.