Ordering Hardware or Software for Research Projects

During your time in the CSE department, you may need some specialized hardware or software for your research project.

All purchases at the university are paid for with index numbers.  Index numbers are tied to different sources of funds.  These funds could be from grants, donations, fellowships, state funds, etc.  Before initiating a purchase, please consult with your faculty adviser to obtain an index number to pay for the purchase.  You may need to contact your faculty adviser's fund manager to get a specific index number if your adviser only gives you the name of a fund.

Once you have approval from your faculty adviser and an index number, please send a list of what you need to CSEHelp (along with the approval and the index).  The list should contain a description of each item and some form of part number to identify the item.  If the item you need is very specialized, you should give us the contact information for the company the item has to be purchased from.  If the item can be purchased from multiple merchants, you can select a specific merchant or let CSEHelp assist you (we can often find better prices or quicker shipping).  CSEHelp will inform you if there is a better way to order what you need or if there are any issues that come up in processing the order.

Please note that sending links to on-line shopping carts often doesn't work as the carts are commonly tied to a session in your web browser or an account you have with the vendor.  This means that CSEHelp will not be able to access the site through your link.  Printing your shopping cart to PDF and sending that to CSEHelp is one way around that problem.

Do not wait until the last minute to order something.  This is really important because things take longer than you might think to get ordered and shipped (especially if they are expensive items).  If you have to spend money before a grant expires, don't wait until the last couple of days!  Keep in mind that orders will not necessarily go in the day you send them to CSEHelp (especially if they are sent late in the afternoon).

If you are looking at tracking information for your order, you need to add an extra day to the delivery date.  Most shipments are sent to campus central receiving and make it out to the CSE building the following day.