A.P.E. Lab

The A.P.E. (Advanced Programming Environment) lab is a pair of rooms with workstations available for use by CSE graduate students. The lab is located in rooms 2236 and 2238 in the CSE building. The lab's current primary purpose is to be a place where masters students can work when they are on campus (though PhD students may use the computers when necessary). There are lockers in room 2238 where masters students can store some of their belongings when they are out around campus.

If you have a problem with equipment in the A.P.E. lab, send mail to CSEHelp.


The computers in the lab have Linux and/or Windows installed on them. In addition to using the computers in-person, you may use SSH to remotely log into the Linux computers (cseape01.ucsd.edu – cseape14.ucsd.edu).

The computers in the A.P.E. lab should be left on at all times so that they can be used remotely.

Each of the workstations have software such as Matlab, office software, Eclipse and Visual Studio.

Wired network access

There are three DHCP network connections available in the A.P.E. labs (one in 2236 and 2 in 2238).  Please do not disconnect the network cables from the workstations.

Access to the A.P.E. labs

To access the A.P.E. lab, you will need to have your ID card programmed into the door locks. To get your ID card setup for A.P.E. lab access, see the building access page.


There is a black & white printer and a color printer in room 2236 available for students to use.  As with all printers, please try to conserver paper where possible.  The printers in the lab are named p2236-b1 (B&W printer) and p2236-c1 (color printer).

See the printing page for more general information about printers in the CSE department.

Please add paper to the printers as necessary.  If a printer is out of toner or has another problem, please send mail to CSEHelp.


There is a USB flatbed scanner attached to one of the computers in room 2236 available for students to use.  Note that you can also scan and E-mail documents using the big copier on the second floor near the mail rooms.