Conference Room Troubleshooting

If you get no image at all on the projector you will want to that the projector has been set to the laptop input using the control panel on the wall.  If the projector is set to the correct input, you need to ensure that your notebook computer's VGA port is enabled.  On many computers, you will need to hold a button labeled Fn and press a button that a square on it that represents a computer monitor (usually a blue square printed on one of the function keys).

Some times the projectors do not sync up with the laptop computers perfectly (the image is shifted off the edge of the screen a bit).  In the conference rooms that have standard projector remote controls in them (1202 and 4140), you can point the remote control at the projector and press the button labeled APA after connecting your computer to the VGA cable.  This will cause the projector to reevaluate the signal and may align the image better.  If the projector shows a distored image with rolling diagonal lines, it is likely that your computer has not been set for 1024 by 768 resolution.

Sometimes projector screens in the small conference rooms will come part way down and then freeze (they won't move up or down).  Please contact CSEHelp with this happens.