savage Apr 30, 2015
Savage Comments on Possible Spear Phishing Attack by Russian Hackers
There is a new type of cyberwar that goes beyond phishing scams. A security firm reports that in so-called "spear…Read more
russell Apr 29, 2015
What Does It Mean to Be Literate in the Age of Google?
What does it mean to be literate at a time when you can search billions of texts in less than 300 milliseconds? That's…Read more
pixel Apr 28, 2015
Big Pixel Hackathon Set for May 23
Three "hackers" will each win $500 cash awards if they are in the winners' circle at the conclusion of the Hackathon…Read more
sneha Apr 23, 2015
Student Startups Among Finalists in Social Innovation Challenge
Two CSE student startups have reached the finals of the San Diego Social Innovation Challenge. The companies -- Evocado…Read more
jordan Apr 23, 2015
CSE Students Prepare to Stand and Deliver at Undergraduate Research Conference
The 28th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference takes places this Saturday, April 25. It will run from 8am to 4pm at…Read more
chris Apr 23, 2015
Alumnus Looks Back at Inaugural Introduction to Robotics Course
Recent CSE alumnus Chris Barngrover (MS '10, PhD '14) developed a new CSE 190 course, Introduction to Robotics, which…Read more
best Apr 21, 2015
Nominations for Campus-Wide Outstanding Senior, Graduate Student
CSE faculty, students, staff and alumni, along with those from across campus, are eligible to nominate candidates for…Read more
ravi Apr 17, 2015
Center for Visual Computing Makes Debut at 2015 Research Expo
The new Center for Visual Computing, an 'agile' research center based in the CSE department, had its official unveiling…Read more
narendran Apr 17, 2015
At Research Expo, M.S. Student Selected for Best CSE Poster
Twenty CSE graduate students presented their research to an estimated 650 people attending the Jacobs School's Research…Read more
hing Apr 16, 2015
Alumna and Incoming Student Cross Paths in B-Ball and Computer Science
There must be something about hoops, Tritons and computer science. Meet Marissa Hing. The 18-year-old high school…Read more
integrity Apr 16, 2015
CSE Lecturer Wins Campus Academic Integrity Award
CSE Prof. Gary Gillespie says it was an honor just to be nominated this year for the Academic Integrity Faculty Award,…Read more
vilcek Apr 10, 2015
CSE Faculty Affiliate Honored with Vilcek Prize
CSE faculty-affiliate Rob Knight is a newcomer to UC San Diego, but now he is also being honored as a (relative)…Read more
alvarado Apr 8, 2015
Alvarado Receives Engagement Excellence Award
CSE Prof. Christine Alvarado will be honored in late May at the Summit on Women and IT organized by the National Center…Read more
startup Apr 8, 2015
CSE Alumni Brief Students on Profits, Pe15rils in Tech Startups
Lindsey Fowler (BS ’05), president of the CSE Alumni Advisory Board, moderated an April 2 panel of six alumni experts…Read more
nsf Apr 2, 2015
NSF Graduate Research Fellowships to CSE Students
Three current CSE students are among the 2,000 nationwide to be offered 2015 Graduate Research Fellowships from the…Read more
george Apr 1, 2015
Disaggregating Data Centers
CSE Prof. George Porter is back from the big annual Optical Fiber Conference (OFC) and expo, which took place in Los…Read more
fan Apr 1, 2015
Society Honors Computer Scientist and Mathematician Fan Chung Graham
CSE Prof. Fan Chung Graham and 30 others worldwide have been named as the Class of 2015 Fellows of the Society for…Read more
yuvraj Mar 31, 2015
Cyber Privacy App Gets Boost from CSE Alumnus, Research Scientist Now Teaching at Carnegie Mellon
CSE got a plug from one of its alumni and former research scientist in an article about how most apps don't care about…Read more
team Mar 30, 2015
New Opportunities for CSE Students, Faculty in Qualcomm Institute Innovation Space
The Qualcomm Institute is setting up a new space where companies can apply to lease offices or labs on the second floor…Read more
vineet Mar 19, 2015
Bioinformatics Experiment Holds Promise for Industrial Production of Algae Biofuels
CSE Prof. Vineet Bafna was on the roster of experts who spoke at the Green Revolution 2.0 symposium March 12-13 in the…Read more