matt May 26, 2015
Alumnus Elevated to CEO at Games Company
A former member of the CSE Alumni Board, Matt Shea (BS, Computer Science '97) has now become Chief Executive Officer at…Read more
rajesh May 22, 2015
Taking Discovery Beyond Data
CSE Chair Rajesh Gupta made the cover of the UC San Diego Extension Summer 2015 Catalog, which carries a cover story on…Read more
tom May 22, 2015
Alumnus Reports on Advances in Encryption for the Cloud
"Data Encryption in the Cloud: Square Pegs in Round Holes" is the title of a guest article by CSE alumnus Tom…Read more
idi May 22, 2015
Deadline to Submit IDI Proposals for Funding in 2015-16
Vice Chancellor for Research Sandra Brown and CSE Prof. Larry Smarr in his capacity as director of UC San Diego's…Read more
scott May 21, 2015
Discussion Groups for the Online Classroom (and Off)
CSE and Cogntive Science professor Scott Klemmer (right) is one of the brains behind a new tool called Talkabout,…Read more
zachary May 19, 2015
A Graduate Student's Perspective on Data Scientists
As CSE seeks campus approval for a new major in Data Science and Engineering, Ph.D. student Zachary Chase Lipton asks…Read more
cse 125 May 15, 2015
Students Put Finishing Touches to 3D, Multiplayer Networked Games
Mark June 5th on your calendar. That's when five teams of students taking the CSE 125 capstone course on software…Read more
jason May 15, 2015
CSE Computer Security Startup Starts Selling Toolkit
A startup out of the CSE department is flexing its muscles. This week, Tortuga Logic's co-founder and CEO, CSE alumnus…Read more
think tank May 14, 2015
Gordon Center Stages Sixth Annual Think Tank
This Friday and Saturday, the Gordon Engineering Leadership Center is hosting another of its "Think Tank" symposium…Read more
sarah May 14, 2015
2015 Chancellor's Dissertation Medal Honors CSE Alumna
CSE alumna Sarah Meiklejohn received her Ph.D. in computer science in 2014, and soon after accepted a faculty position…Read more
larry May 12, 2015
CSE's Smarr Called 'Unlikely Hero' of Global Movement
Calit2 Director and CSE Prof. Larry Smarr made the front page of The Washington Post. The May 9 article, “The Human…Read more
big pixel May 12, 2015
Register to Participate in Big Pixel Hackathon
Imagine being able to count every car in every city, monitor illegal elephant poaching from your couch, or measure the…Read more
spis May 12, 2015
CSE Gives Transfer Students a Head Start
This summer CSE is one of several departments that will launch a new program for incoming transfer students arriving in…Read more
rob May 8, 2015
Knight, Smarr Raise Profile of Microbiome Research
Two computer scientists at UC San Diego are raising the profile of research on the human microbiome -- the 100 trillion…Read more
summer May 6, 2015
CSE Students Invited to Apply for SDSC Summer Institute
The San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) has announced the topic of its 2015 Summer Institute, which runs from August…Read more
ryan May 4, 2015
Computer Vision + Brain-Computer Interface = Faster Mine Detection
Computer scientists in UC San Diego's Jacobs School of Engineering have combined sophisticated computer vision…Read more
sneha May 4, 2015
Social App Wins Prize at USD Social Innovation Challenge
CSE junior Sneha Jayaprakash and her team of a dozen fellow students, most from CSE, in the social startup Bystanders…Read more
ryan May 1, 2015
CSE Students Explore Platform to See World Through Others' Eyes
The Basement is the campus-wide incubator operated by the Alumni & Community Engagement office, and an article in…Read more
business plan Apr 30, 2015
Business Plan Contest Offers $100,000 in Prizes
The UC San Diego Entrepreneur Challenge has set the deadline for submissions in one of its most lucrative contests for…Read more
larry Apr 30, 2015
Faculty to Share Experience of ‘Transformational Projects’ in IDI Showcase Events
Faculty from CSE and other departments are invited to attend one of the three showcase events organized by the…Read more