prp Aug 2, 2015
NSF Gives Green Light to Pacific Research Platform under CSE's Smarr
UC San Diego , UC Berkeley lead creation of West Coast big data freeway system For the last three years, the National…Read more
deian Jul 29, 2015
Systems, Security and Programming Languages Expert Joins Computer Science Faculty at UC San Diego
He won’t start work until next year, but Deian Stefan has accepted an appointment as assistant professor in the…Read more
faculty Jul 27, 2015
CSE Hosts Inaugural New Computer Science Faculty Workshop
CSE teaching faculty Beth Simon and Leo Porter, along with Mark Guzdial (Georgia Tech) and Cynthia Lee (Stanford), led…Read more
mia Jul 20, 2015
Campus Supports CSE Initiative to Serve Students Interested in Computational Sciences
In an era of restrictions on the number of freshman and transfer students accepted into computer science and…Read more
cwur Jul 20, 2015
UC San Diego Ranked #4 Among U.S. Public Universities
New rankings name UC San Diego the fourth best public university in the U.S. and the 21st best university in the world…Read more
jill Jul 6, 2015
Computational Biologist Faculty-Affiliate Joins UC San Diego
UC San Diego recently announced the hiring of computational biologist Jill Mesirov as associate vice chancellor for…Read more
mihir Jul 1, 2015
Bellare, Co-authors Honored for Paper on Encryption vs. Mass Surveillance
On Tuesday, June 30 in Philadelphia, CSE Prof. Mihir Bellare was among the recipients of the 2015 Privacy-Enhancing…Read more
scott Jun 29, 2015
CSE Professor Launches Online Courses in Interaction Design
Learners around the world, regardless of background, will have the opportunity online to learn how to design great user…Read more
amin Jun 18, 2015
Adjunct CSE Professor Divulges Google's Network Strategy
This week Google partially lifted the curtain of secrecy surrounding the homegrown network architecture it built over…Read more
bpi Jun 15, 2015
CSE Student Turn Satellite Images into Policy Analysis
Recently, over 50 students – 17 of them from CSE – showed up for the day-long Big Pixel Hackathon organized by the…Read more
students Jun 13, 2015
$2 Million Gift from Alumnus Supports Computer Science Undergraduate Engineering Education at UC San Diego
A $2 million gift from a University of California, San Diego alumnus will provide critical support for undergraduate…Read more
prime Jun 12, 2015
UC San Diego Students Spend Summer in Japan on PRIME Program
CSE undergraduate Michelle Wu is one of four UC San Diego students who will be spending the summer in Japan as part of…Read more
paul Jun 11, 2015
Paul Kube Honored as Computer Science Educator
Endowed Chair Created in Kube's Name at UC San Diego Jennifer Lu took four computer science courses with Lecturer…Read more
ravi Jun 11, 2015
UC San Diego Launches edX Channel; Computer Graphics Course Announced
Campus Also Appoints Head of New Online Learning Office The recently-launched CSE-based Center for Visual Computing,…Read more
sorin Jun 8, 2015
Inauguration of CSE Awards and End-of-Year BBQ
On Friday June 5, the CSE department awarded its inaugural Graduate and Undergraduate Awards. The award ceremony took…Read more
5k Jun 8, 2015
CSE Team Triumphs (Sort of) in Triton 5K
On Saturday, June 6, the Triton 5K race got underway under mostly blue skies, and the CSE team took home a decisive…Read more
serge Jun 4, 2015
Ex-CSE Faculty, Alumni Unveil Computer Vision Success Story with UCSD Roots
Former CSE students and faculty are making headlines with a computer vision system that had it roots in a research…Read more
john Jun 4, 2015
CSE-Based Startup Shares in $20,000 Zahn Prizes for 2015
Computer science major John Chou (at left) is slated to graduate next month, and he is one of the seven students on…Read more
pascale Jun 3, 2015
Engineering Honor Society Honors CSE Faculty
Among all the honors being handed out at this time of year, the best teaching awards are important indicators of how…Read more
gerald Jun 3, 2015
CSE Professor Collaborates with Couchbase on Next-Generation Query Language for Big Data
In a major step toward broader adoption of document-oriented data and the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data format…Read more